Why I don’t feel guilty about being a working mum

Another successful Aegon Championships complete

Why hello there everyone! Sorry I have been MIA these last couple of months. Following finishing up a very busy tennis season over a month ago now which I can’t quite believe. I am coming out of a few lovely long weekends away and a dream trip the Champagne region in France (which I will write a blog about). It has been a bit of a whirlwind and as any mum knows it has been quite nice to keep these last few weeks as simple as possible and just give myself a bit of a brain break.

We also had a few weeks of Clara waking up around 5:30am and with also working full time, I have found my brain just hasn’t had the head space to write. I also knew that going back to work, I had to just get to Wimbledon, work through the crazy few weeks before and during and then it’s just been a bit of time to reflect and actually focus on now being a full time working mum.

As I also write this blog, I know a few friends are going back to work after their maternity leave and how hard that day is, but trust me it gets so much easier. Once you get into a routine it’s quite enjoyable and you are so proud of these little human beings being by themselves, making friends and being so fiercely independent, it makes it all worth it. Oh and also to have a break and remember somewhere deep inside you aren’t just a mum but you, which I love for those few hours every day. So I digress…

Now that I have had a few weeks rest (which just shows how importance  rest is), my brain has kicked back into writing and my creative side is coming out again. What I have found is that with these last few weeks having lots of time with Clara again, which has had it’s amazing but also really hard moments, how difficult it is being a full time mum and how much you relish those times they have their afternoon naps. Also the demands on a parent to make sure you are challenging them, educating them and teaching them the things they need to know all the time, like when they are at nursery is hard.

Another working day at Wimbledon with Clara off to nurser

With any working mum, you will have many times when you go back to work and as your little ones grows up about what the right decision is/was. Never mind taking into account the nursery fees, managing lack of sleep, a busy and sometimes unmanageable social life, housework, friends and family quality time. It has definitely come into my mind a few times about how easy it would be to not work and just have the days to organise my home, my life and even get a bit of me time!

The thing is as much as this sounds wonderful, it just isn’t me and I have this deep down desire to work. What can I say I love it! As much as it is lovely to have a few days off and I know I could definitely fill my time if I didn’t work (I mean hello gym every day, a dream Victoria Secret body and long lunches with friends) but I couldn’t do that forever. Also I enjoy being a working mum, I love feeling proud that I am able to balance it all, that I provide an income to our family that allows us to be able to go, do and live a wonderful life and that I worked hard, on my own to achieve that.

Filming with BBC Breakfast launching our Transforming British Tennis Together initiative

I love that I have a busy day at work that is just about me and then I can’t wait to get home for bath time with Clara (rather than counting down the hours to bath time). I love that she learns new things at nursery and when she does them I am so proud (never thought I would be that person when she says new words I didn’t teach her). Most of all I love that Ryan feels proud of me, for what I have achieved and what I carry on achieving. That we can end our day over dinner (with our yummy Hello Fresh meal) and talk about work. When I think about all the amazing experiences I have had being a working mum and this year alone, achieving some incredible results with my team, meeting amazing people who I thought I would never meet in my life like Shania Twain (my father in law was so jealous), it definitely makes it all worth it.

So yes it is a balance and it’s not always easy but I am really proud to be a working mum and I will carry on being so as long as I can be and be a role model for my daughter. I would love to hear from all the working mums and stay at home mums – what makes you proud, what do you find hard and would you change anything? Also to all the mums going back to work this week, you will be amazing, your little ones will be more than fine and in a few weeks when it all just becomes normal again, you will look back and realise how proud you should be of yourself. It will also make you realise how precious time is and how fiercely important your family weekend time is.

New working mums – if you did want to read my blog about my first week back, you can find it here and hope it helps and sheds some support and light for the first few days and weeks back at work.

Lauren – workingmummablog

3 thoughts on “Why I don’t feel guilty about being a working mum

  1. Amen! I love to hear that you’re proud of yourself being a working mom (you should be), I am also a working mom and feel sometimes we should feel guilty for working, which is sad! Us working moms need to stand up and support eachother (high five) 🙂
    I just started writing a blog as well, check it out thisworkingblessedmom.com

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